How We Work

As the media business has experienced dramatic change driven by new technologies, so too has recruiting. Some see that as challenge; for us, it’s been opportunity.


The bar is higher today on the value that an outside executive recruiter is expected to provide. It may be easier for an in-house recruiter to reach active candidates through job posts and social networks, but it’s more difficult than ever before to break through to the passive job seeker, and to engage thoughtful discussions with the experienced media executives who are in most demand.

That’s where we excel. We navigate to the right talent through a proactive, targeted effort aligned to your organization’s situation and aspirations. We help you decide what matters most as you make the hiring decision.

Every search is a custom effort designed around a proven framework and set of steps. Our working relationship starts with listening carefully to your team’s needs, and then framing the job description and ideal candidate profile for internal approval. We devise a go-to-market strategy to source, reach, and engage with a targeted pool of candidates based on a match between the required skillsets and the organization’s culture and goals. In-depth interviews and evaluations are completed by our firm’s principal before any candidate is introduced for client meetings. When the finalist candidate is identified, we partner in conducting a careful referencing process, and guide the negotiations to a successful close.

NewCoordinates’ record of repeat and referral business from clients across the media and media services industries attests to the value we place on objective advice and mutually beneficial outcomes. For our client companies and for the executives we help them recruit.